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We are contracted with most major insurance carriers and insurance claims are submitted with the information provided at registration. It is the responsibility of the patient or sponsor to know the specific requirements and limitations of the coverage of the insurance plan held. Specific requirements may include, but are not limited to, the need for obtaining a physician referral or prior authorization for office visits, outpatient testing, and/or hospital admissions.

Questions about insurance coverage and insurance payment or non-payment for services rendered should be directed to the insurance carrier with whom you are contracted. Feel free to contact our Office at
(864) 547-2160 to discuss questions about our charges and your care.

A Summary of our Financial Policies

Payment of co-payments is expected at the time of service per the insurance plan requirements and cannot be waived or reduced.

A statement will be mailed to any patient with a balance not billable to or fully paid by insurance.
If you are unable to pay your bill in full on receipt, call us to discuss a Pay Plan- before your bill is past due.

Unpaid accounts are considered past due if not paid within 28 days.

PPM may bill a Re-schedule Fee of $30 to patients who fail to keep a scheduled office appointment and do not provide adequate prior notification.